lørdag den 26. december 2009

Kan klipklappere holde til vintervejret!?

At sidde med kundehenvendelser er altid sjovt - man kan næsten ikke lade være med at være en anelse sarkastisk.

Havaianas greb en kundehenvendelse - se selv hvad de skriver:

Madrid, Spain - Wednesday December 2nd 2009
Lucy, a Havaianas brand lover, reports to our consumer service her concerns about wearing her pair of Havaianas in winter time, in order to keep the Mental Holidays spirit all year long.

La Plagne, France - Monday, December 14th 2009
The ASTF (Always Summer Task Force), a team of experimented scientists decides to leave Madrid headquarters for the French Alps with the aim to answer this question by achieving several cold resistance tests.

Madrid, Spain - Monday 21th December 2009
A commitee of international scientists are gathered in Madrid to publish the results of the experiments.

Here is the video of our experiment:

The conclusion is clear: HAVAIANAS IS WINTERPROOF
From the beach to the mountains, from the sand to the snow, it doesnt matter: it's always summer with Havaianas.

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