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De 10 mest sete virale reklamer i 2008

Fra en anden blog ( låner jeg et indlæg der omtaler de 10 mest sete virale reklamer i 2008 iflg. GOVIRAL.

Modsat de film du eller ser her på bloggen er dette ikke udvalgt ud fra en kreativ synsvinkel - det er udelukkende taget ud fra Govirals optællinger...
Dog kan jeg skrive under op at folk derude har en god smag, for det er ikke de dårligste film der er på listen...

Jeg tillader mig modsat bloggen de er sakset fra at vise dig dem her direkte her på bloggen så du ikke hele tiden skal springe til youtube. Dog har jeg sakset teksten direkte - så det er på engelsk...


Top 10 virals for 2008 as compiled by GoViral based on compiling numbers of views from Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Break and Vimeo. Rankings adjusted by taking into account a "people's verdict".

1. Wassup anno 2008
Disclaimer: Budweiser's parent company, Anheuser Busch, which originally licensed the concept for five years from Stone, was not involved in the production of the ad

2. SFW XXX Party Invitation
Diesel's naughty montage of 1980s porn films using cartoon animation to cover up explicit scenes, just, for its 30th anniversary

3. Kobe Bryant jumps over an Aston Martin
Nike's clever "did he or didn't he" actually clear a car. Probably not, but it got people talking, and watching

4. Extreme Street Football
Electronic Arts trickery masterpiece featuring kids with football skills – and parkour and capoeira – using a football like you ain't never seen

5. Take it to the next level
Guy Ritchie directs this shot-in-first-person tale of a teen footballer's hardcore ups and downs from being discovered to losing teeth to playing for a national team

6. Tiger Woods 09 – Walk on Water
When a fan of EA's golf game pointed out a flaw that Tiger Woods could play a "Jesus Shot" from on water, the game manufacturer's response was this viral featuring the man himself

7. Bean Counter
One of those Mac vs PC ads where Apple prods Microsoft over spending loads on advertising Vista when it should be fixing it

8. Samsung Omnia i900 Unboxing
Samsung spoof of the tech-fan trend of filming opening the box of a new gadget for the first time

9. Fate – Leave Nothing
Emotive Nike fare of lifelong rivalry of two NFL players featuring version of sound track from the Good the Bad and the Ugly

10. Adam and Eve
Insurance company ad featuring a gay Adam and frustrated Eve that found life online after being banned from TV

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